Teamwork has existed since the beginning of time; it was a necessity to survive. But now that we have evolved through time, is it always a necessity? Schools nine times out of ten force teamwork upon children, but there are two types of teamwork. The first type is where you pick your group, this is usually preferred by kids. They like it because they get to hang out with their friends for school purposes. The downside to this is that the group won’t be as productive. The latter option is when the group is randomized, you usually will end up uncomfortable and insecure in this group. But you get more done. The third and rarest of all, working alone. I prefer the third option most, I like this option because my ideas aren’t ever shot down, I don’t get a lower grade due to some other kid’s mistakes, and all the work isn’t pushed on me. Most groups are split into two categories, the slackers, and the people who take all of the work and say you did nothing. Both are equally annoying, above it may look like I like the second category less, that’s because I do. Dealing with slackers is easy, you have credits at the end. The second category is extremely difficult to work with, due to it’s their word against yours. Groups are no longer required in this modern day and age, yes they are sometimes needed, but not as much as the Public Education system leads us to believe.

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