The Life Of Alexander The Great

Alexander the II of Macedon, more commonly known as Alexander the Great, was the most successful rulers of his time. Not only did he bring all of Asia and Greece under his rule, he also changed their religion forever.

          Alexander the Great was born in 360 B.C., his father was Phillip the II of Macedon. As a child, Alexander was tutored by Aristotle personally. He did many minor feats as a child; one being training a seemingly untamable war horse.

          Later in life, his father married a cleopatra of Macedon, this scared Alexander because he was only half Macedonian, meaning if she had a son, that son would be heir. She disliked Alexander, and she therefor exiled him while his father was at war. When his father got home, he was furious at his wife, he allowed Alexander back in the land of Macedon, but he then left again and was assassinated during that trip, meaning Alexander was king the cleopatra had no power over him. Alexander exiled her and his friends, against his word, burned her alive with her daughter. Alexander was furious, he actually burned their hands and then he found that his one friend led it, he burned and chopped off his hands.

          Alexander then conquered all of Asia with tactical battles that lead to many crushing defeats. After this, he returned to Macedon to collect more soldiers, but he fell ill and died at the young age of twenty three.

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