The Roman Games

The Roman Games were a cultural staple for the occupants of Rome. The one I will be covering today is the arena, in the arena battles were fought against multiple soldiers. One of the soldiers would be from the previous battle, he was the victor of that previous battle. The rest were challengers trying to win the title of champion. To simplify this, one soldier is defending their title, the others are attempting to earn said title. If the people watching are bored, they could release different creatures or spring traps for fun. If a soldier thought they couldn’t beat the others, they would raise their hand and put up two fingers. The king would have the audience decide to either save the man, or watch him die.

          If you, as a warrior were able to win in combat for a while, you would go up against the king’s best men. This was a larger risk, but you would receive a much higher reward. Prisoners of war would be tossed into the arena; they could win freedom if they killed all other men. This usually didn’t happen, due to the prisoners having no armor or weapons. Once, platforms were put around the arena and made eight feet tall, then the battle was started as usual, then the arena was flooded with water. In conclusion, battles always varied due to how they were fought, people had a twisted sense of humor and entertainment in Rome, and that Rome was a city you didn’t want to be on bad terms with.

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