20,000 Leagues Under the Seas

Today I am writing a character comparison between professor Pierre Aronnax and Captain Nemo, I hope you enjoy! First is a brief review of the story.

Professor Aronnax, his manservant Conseil, and a Canadian harpooner named Ned Land are aboard a ship called the Abraham Lincoln, chasing a “giant narwhale” that has been terrorizing ships across the globe. As they attack this monster, it attacks back, causing the trio to be thrown overboard. Captain Nemo of the Nautilus takes them in, feeds them and shows them the wonders under the sea that no other man has seen before. It’s a good story, with compelling characters, two of which I will be comparing.

Professor Aronnax specializes in natural history, marine animals especially. He had written a book titled The Mysteries of the Great Ocean Depths, which established him as an expert, which is why he was called upon for his opinions on what was attacking ships.

He was curious, and believed that man didn’t know what lay past ten miles below the surface. He was sure that there were creatures they’d never seen, and might not ever see. He was excited to come long on the Abraham Lincoln looking for this creature.

Captain Nemo is a man filled with hatred. You can tell from the way he acts. Something horrible happened to him, and he seeks revenge. Not the eye for an eye sort, though. He has made himself a fortress, surrounded only by few that he had chosen. He can get everything he needs and more from the sea, and he’s proud of the fact. He has spent years bettering his mind and learning new languages and discovering things, and it all falls into a grand master plan to get back at the surface world for wronging him so horrendously.

Both characters have an immense love for the sea, and all that can be learned, discovered, and made from it, they find it fascinating. Each has immense knowledge of marine life; they both yearn to know all secrets the sea holds. Each would spend days reading from Captain Nemo’s library if they could. If they had years to, they would collect shells and organisms to study and admire. Both want to immerse themselves in knowledge, and both have great love for the seaweed forests. Both are also stubborn and want their way, both couldn’t go a day without asking themselves a million questions, although Captain Nemo seems to have answered many for himself before meeting Professor Aronnax.

Their differences are mainly in personality traits. While they do have similar interests and such, Nemo seems to be a bit more aggressive. He’s very secretive with things, and spends days at a time locked up in his room. He has cold eyes and has seen death, therefore cutting any and all ties to the world around him . Professor Aronnax, on the other hand, spends all the days Nemo doesn’t have him locked up out looking around, and he expects answers to his questions. He’s baffled by Nemo’s secretiveness. He’s inquisitive and wants to know all the sea’s secrets, but he wants to go back to land, while Nemo has sworn never to step foot upon the surface world again. Aronnax gets sick of eating fish daily, and craves land-meat. Aronnax is also a much nicer person than Nemo. They are opposites personality-wise, and don’t actually like each other that much. Nemo refuses to let them leave because nobody can know of his ship, and he thinks of Arronax as a burden. Arronax can’t stand imprisonment.

While they both are very curious and love the sea very much, Nemo thinks of it as his home, while Aronnax craves to be back on land.

          In conclusion, this was an all-around amazing read. I highly recommend this book.

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