Out on the Pampas: Character Review

Today I am writing on Out on the Pampas, the main characters in Out on the Pampas are Mr. Hardy, Mrs. Hardy, Charlie, Hubert, Maud, and Ethel.  Mr. Hardy is the father of Charlie, Hubert, Maud, and Ethel.  Mr. Hardy barked at the idea of moving from England to a plantation in South America.  He kept the whole family in order by planting and fighting Indians.  He was the leader in the family.

Mrs. Hardy, Mr. Hardy’s wife, was the family cook.  She helped keep the houses clean.  She taught Maud and Ethel about farming, cooking, and cleaning.  She also helped to look after the plantation while the boys were away.

The eldest sibling, Charlie, was my very favorite character.  He was the most adventurous and bravest but often was caught not listening.  He helped his slightly younger brother in fighting the Indians.

The second oldest sibling, Hubert, was mainly the provider of meat for the family.  He hunted the most and brought a never ending supply of waterfowl to the table.  It was hard for Hubert to become accustomed to fighting the Indians, but he was the most reliable sibling and always listened.

Maud was the oldest girl in the family.  She usually helped look after the chickens, ducks and geese, along with the cooking.  She was very brave and witty.  She also saved Hubert from the Indians.

The youngest sibling was Ethel.  She helped her mother around the house keeping the place tidy.  Although she was unaccustomed to the shock of Indian battles, she was captured and held by the Indians.  She was eventually saved by the end of the book.

In Conclusion, Out on the Pampas by G. A. Henty had some of the most intriguing characters, no matter what problem occurred. I wouldn’t personally read it again, due to the main story being fairly predictable.

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