RPC 8 English Week two essay

This essay is about me. I hope you enjoy.

 Hi, my name is Alex, I have an immensely large family but I only know a very small fraction of them. Let’s start on my dad’s side of the family, if I remember correctly my 4th great grandparents came to America in the boats from Germany and then my 5th great uncle was in the Civil War. * side note, his last name was Butts, thank goodness that isn’t my last name. I have so many cousins, 4th cousins, and 6th cousins thrice removed I have stopped counting. But I only know three cousins well, and I know my grandparents that’s about it. I have one sister and zero brothers. Some of my hobbies are reading, playing video games, taking things apart, and playing the trumpet. One of my favorite book series is Harry Potter, another is the Mysterious Benedict Society. Some of the video games I like are Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., Human Fall Flat, Spider-Man, and The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild. I also like to just get wrapped up in my thoughts. I like a lot of different foods like dumplings and wontons or pizza and lasagna. I am 5ft,8in tall I have my moms nose and my dads eyes. My eyes are blue and my hair is brown unless I am in the sun a lot then its blond. This has been an essay about me. Thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed.

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