History Essay week 7

Breaking News

Mass Death in Egypt Capital

King’s First Born Dead

 Who is behind this malicious act you ask? Keep reading to find out! “As a citizen of this city I am horrified of the fact that the king kept them here, knowing that they were with that evil man!” said one disgruntled occupant of the city. The “evil man” she is referring to is Moses son of the former Pharaoh, and oddly enough a Hebrew himself. This Moses has come before the Pharaoh on multiple occasions and told him to let the rest of the Hebrews go or he would cause havoc in the city. But, the Pharaoh refused, and then Moses brought these wicked plagues upon this once plentiful city! Now he has slain all Egyptian firstborns in the city, and he left his people with all their children. And that morning sobs were heard all across the city. The Hebrews were then forced to leave, the Pharaoh was shouting the word murderer at Moses and this vicious man said “ I am no murderer, nobody here is a murderer, the mighty God, creator of all wanted his people freed and freed they are.”. The people of Egypt then threw out their gold, silver, foods, and much more, pleading with the Hebrews to tell their god to stop the horrors that had happened recently. And to those pleads the Hebrews said “ These horrors wouldn’t have happened if you had listened the first time the prophet Moses asked to let us go.”. Stay Subscribed For more!

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