Essay 32

Humans have struggled their whole life, think of people like the founding fathers, they struggled for the greater good that most of them didn’t see. But do we only enjoy what we struggle for, do we just put on a show of enjoyment for what we didn’t earn? Or do we feel happiness from both what we did and didn’t work for? I believe we enjoy both, as a kid who is growing up in a world where almost anything is one touch away, I was taught to not expect to be treated like the prince of England. And I believe that lesson paid off, I see other kids expecting to be given whatever they want at no cost. Now I am not saying I never had weak moments, but I tried not to be a kid like that. When I was the age of nine, if I wanted something, I asked for it on by birthday, at Christmas, I worked for it, or I was at the good grace of my parents. If we only enjoy what we earn, then birthday gifts would be worthless, same as Christmas gifts. So, saying that we only enjoy what we work for is incorrect. An example is that I just got a video game I really wanted for my birthday, I didn’t beg, plead, or struggle to get the game in any way, shape, or form. People will like what they have, even if they didn’t work for it.


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