Independence: True or Insane?

People are always saying we need to be mature, independent, and responsible, and these words come up in a lot of conversations when kids turn about ten. The three words listed all grow off the same base, growing up. Every year we age we gain more responsibilities. People think that if they do everything on their own, they will be independent. But is that always true?

          I participated in something called Odyssey of the Minds, or O.M., you may have heard of it, you may not have. The main idea of O.M. is that you have must work with a team to come up with a solution to a problem that is given to you. Teamwork is so mandatory that if you don’t have at least five people, they dock points. Independence isn’t an option, you must be dependent on one another. If you thought you did something entirely on your own, think again. Somewhere along the line that project ties back to somebody. An example is the Revolutionary War, America was gaining freedom from the Royal Crown, but without the help of the French, we would have been toast. If you completed a level on a video game that you had been stuck on, something someone said probably triggered that breakthrough. Total independence is fictitious and surreal, true maturity would be our admittance of interdependence. No matter how long a project took you or how hard you worked, someone in some way helped. And admitting that, would be true maturity. 

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