The Life of Cyrus the Great

In the year 599 B.C. Cyrus II of Persia was born, or more commonly known as Cyrus the Great, he would go on to create the largest empire of that era, he would lay the foundation for a dynasty that would last hundreds of years.

          Cyrus’s father was Cambyses the II and his mother was Mandane of Persia. Cyrus became king of Persia at the age of 40, he would then rule for 30 years. Although he was king of Persia, there was still Median oversight, in 553 Cyrus led an attack on the Median capital, capturing his grandfather and extending the reach of his kingdom almost to Greece.

          Cyrus then set his sights on Lydia, the king of Lydia Croesus, sieged the Persian capital Pteria and enslaved all inhabitants. At that time Cyrus was attempting to convince Ionia, who was a part of the Lydian empire to revolt. The Ionians declined and Cyrus leveled them. When Cyrus got to Pteria he battled with Croesus’s men, he won the city back, but with heavy casualties. Croesus then retreated back to Sardis. Cyrus then besieged Sardis and killed Croesus.

           Cyrus, now leader of a massive empire struck down upon Babylonia, with the same results as the last. He then freed the Hebrews and funded there rebuilding of Jerusalem. But all great leaders eventually fall, and Cyrus was no exception. In the year of 530 B.C., Cyrus was slain by an opposing enemy at the age of 70.

          But he didn’t die for nothing, he created an empire that would change all of history. In conclusion, Cyrus the Great was called such for a reason, the only man who would crush his army, was Alexander the Great.   

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