Most people despise advice, this is because, we humans, want to figure it out on our own. Is that good, or bad? If you were stuck on a video game level, would you want your sibling or friend to give you some tips, or have them keep quiet? Each side has good and bad points, so, I will cover these points, and then share my opinion.

 If you take advice, you are working with others, showing that you care what they say, and you are being humble. If you don’t take advice, you are being self-reliant, growing independence, and you are learning that sometimes, people won’t help you. The bad part about taking advice is, that you are growing dependent, and not learning on your own. The bad part of not taking advice is that you are being rude and not hearing them out.

I have learned from experience that working with others and hearing them out can be difficult, and sometimes not worth it. I am usually a lone wolf, but I would still hear the tips others gave. I wouldn’t always put their advice into action, but I would hear what they have to say and recognize that they were trying to help. So, if someone does give you advice, hear it out, thank them for helping, and then you decide if you want to use the advice or not. In all, advice from people should always be heard out, but if you use it or not, is up to you.

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