English: 81 “Brave Face”

Everyone has weaknesses, vulnerabilities, or Achilles heel’s, but we usually hide these imperfections by “putting on a brave face”. Is it really better to hide the real you behind a curtain while a puppet version goes on stage? Or should we just through our true selves into anything, no matter if we are weak or strong? Just a reminder that this is my opinion, I am not saying that everyone should do this, it is your choice.

          I believe that you shouldn’t hide imperfections, but I actually do such all the time. I will walk up to someone and put my best self out there, not the part of me that hides in his room playing video games and watching YouTube. And as we are on the subject of YouTube, and social media as well, these two are both examples of throwing out the best you. Things like Facebook and Instagram are traps for people to get sucked into feeling bad about themselves because they don’t live like everyone else. I think the best thing to do is to build an immunity against those feelings of being secluded, and just know that they probably feel just as sad at the end of the day.

          YouTube is something that I enjoy very much, I actually want to be a YouTuber someday. But the thing about YouTube is that you can always do a re-take, except for livestreams.

          In conclusion, you don’t always have to put all of you out there, but at least do it sometimes so that you don’t drown out the real you.

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