The Kings of Rome

This essay will cover the first kings of Rome. The first king was Romulus, he founded the city of Rome on Palatine Hill, the place where he and his brother were born. During the first days of his reign, Romulus began building walls for his city. His brother, Remus, walked over to Romulus and began to mock him for the small beginnings of his wall. He than stepped over the wall and teased how easily he got in, Romulus then hit his brother upside the head with his shovel, killing Remus instantly.

          As king Romulus made many decisions, some good, some poor. One bad quality of Romulus was how violent he was, one time he strapped a man by his limbs to chariots, then made the chariots drive off, ripping the man’s limbs off and killing him from the strain. A good quality was his strategic thinking during combat, Rome never lost a battle under his rule. The way he died is unknown, some say he was struck by lightning, some say he was assassinated by a council member.

The next king was Numa Pompilius, he was the exact opposite of Romulus, Numa Pompilius was a peaceful king, he never had to fight a battle due to his negotiation skills, he laid the foundation for many laws and regulations in Rome, some being vetoes, the ability for prisoners to be released upon good behavior, and many more.           In conclusion, these two kings laid the foundation for one of the largest countries in history.    

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