With Clive in India

Hello there! I just wanted to thank all those who commented their feedback on last week’s essay, now on to the essay.

          This is a book review on the book With Clive in India, in this review I will first briefly summarize the book, then I will give my opinion on the book. I would just like to warn all who read this, there are slight spoilers ahead due to when a main character is introduced.

          The story With Clive in India follows a young man named Charlie Marryat, to help his family money wise, he decides to report on the raging battle between France and Britain in India. During the boat ride to India, a man falls overboard, Charlie jumps ship and saves the drowning man. Back on the ship the man says his name is Tim, Tim, grateful for Charlie’s service, becomes Charlie’s servant. This is where our second of three main characters is introduced. Once the duo arrives at the town they are staying at, they are offered an opportunity to join the army and leave their furnace of a room. The duo immediately accepts the offer, they then fight many battles with only minor injuries. Later in time they ae told to go to a town and help the ruler, the duo travels to the town and begin helping build the ruler an army. But during their stay, the cook attempts to kill Charlie with poison, but due to Tim being overly cautious and having monkeys taste the dishes before being sent to Charlie, everybody but the monkeys were ok. The cook was going to be hung by the ruler, but Charlie saved the cook from his impending doom and the cook then later joins the duo. All three main characters are now present.

          I would suggest this book to anybody, but you might struggle with some vocabulary depending on your reading level.

          In conclusion, this book is great for almost all ages and reading types, this is due to its large diversity in categories.   

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