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Dear readers, this essay will be a bit different from my other essays, please comment your opinion on if you like my new style or to switch back. Now on with the essay!

          When people get a new pet or item that they have wanted for a long time, they immediately become extremely attached. They will spend lots of time with said thing and grow a strong bond to it, but should they grow attached? This is our topic for today, this has been a highly debated subject throughout time. Some say to remain unattached; others say otherwise, I will share with you a story about this topic, then give you my opinion.

          I own goats, five at the moment to be exact. I love those goats more than almost anything, this story takes place around thanksgiving of 2019. On thanksgiving I had no school, now as a kid whose birthday was only days before, I naturally played my new video game in my room for most of the day. I had forgot to check on the goats that day, and then that next morning my favorite goat was ill. I felt horrible, I blamed myself entirely, towards three in the afternoon, we brought it inside. I began rapidly searching every veterinarian website I could find, I kept coming up short with what my goat had. Then we took it to an actual vet, they said he had a very rare case of an uncurable disease. Long story short we put him down, I had never felt more frustrated/ confused mixed with upset in my life.

          So, from my point of view, its up to you on what you do, because if I didn’t care about that goat, I wouldn’t have tried to keep it alive for so long. But if I didn’t care, it still wouldn’t hurt almost four months later. But; I now always check on them, rain or shine. And I would also like all who read this to know, I wasn’t doing this for pity points, this just was the best example I had.

          So thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed, by!

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